Alternative to a Bouquet Toss

Recently at a friend’s wedding, the time for one of the most dreaded, and loved tradition arrived: the bouquet toss. It’s a classic, it’s beautiful, and it can be fun, but it reminds all of us singles we are still single. It’s a time for parents, aunts, uncles, and married couples to point out “You know what I was your age…”

I do enjoy the bouquet toss. Not every does this at their wedding, but I do love it. It’s the few minutes at a wedding I can be slightly less lady like and push a couple strangers out of the way so I can launch myself towards an object which supposedly will one day give me marital bliss. It’s great fun when every gets competitive. It becomes a little more like a football match, and it’s fantastic. However, it is that moment were you have to stand up and admit to an entire crowd that, “Yes, I am still single, and here a I go, a single lady gathering with all the other single ladies.”

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So when this moment arrived at my friends wedding, I and the other ladies sitting at our singles’ table prepared to stand up and move. However, my friend said she had a different idea. She explained when she was single (haha, as of a few hours ago), she never liked the bouquet toss because it reminded her that she was single.

So instead she decided to come up with a new idea. She said we were going to pass the bouquet around while music played. It could go to anyone, as long as you wanted to share happiness with them. It could go to someone single, married, young old, male, female, a stranger, or a friend. Whomever, as long as you wanted to share happiness with them. When the music stopped the person holding the bouquet was the one who took it home. It was basically a charming version of hot potato.

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Pass the bouquet to whomever you want to share happiness with. Whomever has the bouquet when the music ends takes it home.

The music started, and she gave her bouquet to a man. This man gave it to another man, and everyone started laughing. The bouquet was passed around the room to a variety of people (at first it was mainly males and I’m sure it was because they had never participated in a bouquet toss before).

I loved the idea so much. Here we were as wedding guests, all gathered to show our love and support for this new couple. Some of us knew each other, and some of us were complete strangers, but we all had one thing in common, this beautiful couple. This new bride wanted to share the happiness she felt with her family and friends, and she wanted that happiness to be passed around to everyone else.

It was an incredible moment. And for anyone who is curious, the music stopped, and it was a single man who took the bouquet home. Everyone laughed, and he seemed to enjoy it.

So if you are looking for an alternative to a bouquet toss, try this. Share your happiness with your loved ones, and tell them to spread it around. That happiness does not have to have a limit to whom it goes to. Start it off, and see where it ends up.