New to Deco Mesh Wreaths? These Books are For You

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*Deco Mesh Wreaths

* Learn to Make Deco Mesh Wreaths

*Deco Mesh Wedding

If you are brand new to making deco mesh wreaths or working with deco mesh, then I highly recommend these books. They are so user friendly and have several beautiful designs to help kick start your imagination .

Even if you have a pretty good hand at the art, there are still some amazing designs in there to inspire you. (I love looking through these books.)

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These are the books that helped me when I first started making deco mesh wreaths. I got into making deco mesh wreaths years ago all because of my mum. This was back when they were not as popular. She saw them online one day, found a tutorial, and told me, “We are learning to make these.” Before this moment in time we had never hung a wreath on our door except maybe at Christmas, maybe. (We only had one wreath and it was very plain. A simple faux pine wreath with a plaid bow. I’m serious on simple, and we didn’t even hang it every year.) So to hear her say, “we are going to learn to make wreaths” was a shocker. And it was the middle of summer. I suppose she wanted to perfect the art so we could have one for Christmas?

Anyone, I was not into the idea at all. We weren’t “wreath people.” If we didn’t even hang wreaths on our door why would we want to make one? I had not seen a deco mesh wreath in person and they didn’t look like any other wreath I had seen before. They took up the whole door. Coming from a non-wreath person, why would we put something that big on our door?

I told my mum I didn’t want to make one, but she made me any way. I don’t know if I ever said it out loud but the thoughts “This is pointless and dumb” certain crossed my mind.

We went to the store, found the supplies we need, went to my mum’s cousin’s house and got her in on the party too. The first wreath we made was not very pretty. But my mum proudly hung it on our door any way.

Over the next few months we continued learning from Youtube and Pinterest. We eventually got better. Then I found these books. Some of the basics I already knew, but there were some extra steps I did not see any where else. It also taught me how to attach picks, flowers, signs, and ribbons onto the wreaths properly. And the wedding book showed me I could do more with deco mesh than just make wreaths. These book definitely helped me take my skills to the next level.

Flash forward now, I love Deco Mesh Wreaths, and I love making them. It’s silly to think I was so opposed now, because I make them as part of my living. And now one Deco Mesh wreath isn’t enough for me. I hang one on the front of the door, and one on the back.

So if you are a skeptic like I was about making this monstrous wreaths. Give it a try. Don’t just try it once and say, “Oh it didn’t turn out right, it isn’t for me.” It took me so many wreaths before I considered myself “good” at making them. Give it 5 tries and then see what you think.

Again, these books are fantastic, check them out, and make a wreath.

*Deco Mesh Wreaths

* Learn to Make Deco Mesh Wreaths

*Deco Mesh Wedding

And I would love to see what you make. Please put your creation on Instagram and tag me @PondsDelights or use the hashtag #DelightScore. Even if it isn’t perfect, I want to applaud you for all your hard work.

And if you need deco mesh wreath supplies here is where you can get them:

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