New Years Prediction

New Year’s has come and gone, and I hope everyone is doing well on their resolutions. If you haven’t started them yet, don’t worry. There is still plenty of time to complete them. The year is still young, and today is a new day. Go out there and conquer those goals!

And if you need a break from the stress of improvements, the shoulds, and suppose to bes, try out this stress free New Year’s activity: New Year’s Predictions. The idea is pure fun and not suppose to be taken very seriously, so relax, and enjoy. Pull out a drink of something warm, or cold, whatever fits your fancy, and let’s do this together.

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New Year’s Predictions are different than New Year goals or resolution. How? Your goal/resolution is something you want to accomplish, and so you work at it through out the year. New Year’s Predictions are something simply that: predictions. You write down what you think will happen this year, tuck it away, pull it out at the end of the year, and see if you were correct. Again, it’s fun, absurd, and not suppose to be taken very seriously. But it is an entertaining way to look at the new year with new eyes.

Questions You Can Answer:


  • Who will get engaged/married/divorce (or whatever)?
  • Who will have a baby?
  • Who will graduate?
  • Who will get a new job? As what?

Your Self

  • Where will you travel?
  • Who will you meet?
  • Will you get engaged/married/divorced (or whatever)?
  • What will you learn
  • Will you get a new job
  • What exciting thing will happen


  • Who will win the Oscars?
  • Who will win the Superbowl?
  • Who will die?
  • Who will be the best music/book seller?
  • What songs will hit the top charts?
  • Who’s career will go down the drain?
  • What movie will make the most money?

And that’s really all there is to it. No fuss, no stress, just plain and simple fun. You can do this with your family, friends, cat, dragon, or just yourself. Write as many as you like about whatever you like and enjoy watching the year unfold.


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